Sunday, May 12, 2013

Faith comes full circle

My decision to start blogging today, on Mother's Day, means so much to me.  I always find that these coincidences are always signs from God.  My faith carried me through my journey to have a child.  A journey that changed my life for ever!  And now on Mother's Day, I really feel the power of my Heavenly Father.  I see my children and now I know that Mother's Day is not about my toddlers.  It is about them and how much I love them and cherish them.  It is about Angelo and how happy I am that he is in my life.  It is about doing something nice for them.  It is about how they are teaching me about love.  It is about loving them!

Even if my fertility journey did not turn out 100%  as I had planned, I know that this was my plan and I had to feel and experience this to be where I am today.

For all of you that have touched my life, and especially my mother, Happy Mother's Day.
Mom. I love you!

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