Friday, July 17, 2009

New courses, New experiences

The more I get into this tri-lifestyle, the more happy I become. We have started our marathon training. A 18week self coaching program to make sure we are ready and injury free on the big day - Athens Classic Marathon, November 8, 2009. We decided to run the marathon in order to strengthen our running skills and prepare and gain confidence for the bigger tri events, like the Ironman in 2010.

Joining forces with some other Greeks, our "group training" has introduced us to BEAUTIFUL locations (some just a few miles from our home). Immitos mountain was always a mystery to me until we did a bike last week and then a run this week. WOW! Once you reach the top of this green pine tree loaded mountain, you can see the entire valley of Athens, the Mediterranean Sea, and the most breathtaking sunsets. Where have I been all these years? I have been experiencing the other side of Athens - crowded night clubs, crowded beaches, smoke and drinks and trying to be where everyone else is. I think I prefer being different and the minority who is someone leading a peaceful, healthy, active lifestyle. This is what God always has intended for me. I am one step closer to finding me on this journey of mind, body, and spirit.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Going for it!

I was just reading a few other blogs from those in the sport of tri. It is true, triathlons do change your life. I see it in me. I see it in my husband. It has made our life leaps and bounds better (only in the short 5 months that we have been in to it).

Our goals, together as a husband and wife team, are aggressive. We have only done one sprint distance, our first back in May. We are now planning our full triathlon in September, the Athens Classic Marathon in November, and have registered and paid for the 1/2 Ironman in Austria St. Polten in May 2010. On top of that, Stelios has already resigtered and paid for the Challenge Copenhagen in Aug 2010 which is a full Ironman distance. As much as I want to go for it, I also hope that perhaps I might be on the sideline and pregnant!

But, having these goals keeps us going and training day in and day out. We are feeling great (besides a small pain I have been getting in my heart which might be attributed to my Mitral value prolapse and have been told is not dangerous nor limiting). I will be seeing the doctor.

So, we have our training plans practically lined up for the next year. I love having goals again. I love training again. I love feeling great!