Monday, February 1, 2010

"...but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need"

The Rolling Stones had it right. "You can't always get what you want." But, put yourself out there, follow your heart, work hard, and you will find that things will fall into place and you will get all that you need (and then some).

It is hard to filter life's clutter and grab the important things. My biggest challange is to organize, focus and manage my time all while working toward my goals. I have to make these goals visible and put them in front of me everyday or I will get sidelined. I am my own worst enemy and I am working on that. Sometimes, just "being" is all that is necessary. I don't have to move mountains every day.

This Ironman 70.3 training plan and my nutrition plan is a good way to get started. This weekend was dedicated to training, both Saturday and Sunday. All day at Schinias swimming, biking and running. It felt good to be out there. To be in God's country away from the concrete jungle. My spirit was humbled, by body was working, my mind was at peace. OK, so what if the house is a mess, the office is not as organized as I would like, and each evening when I get home I have to cook and plan our next heathly meal instead of sitting down to read or relax. I do struggle with all the "other things" I want to do and need to catch up on: being a wife and stepmom, seeing friends, reading, pampering, playing with puppy, organzing my photos and itunes, learning more about tri, discovering new recipes, cleaning house, and the list goes on and on. But if I get caught up in all this "stuff" then what am I really acomplishing at the end of the day, a clean house that will just get dirty again?

I am fortunate to have my husband on this journey with me (we are both competing in Austria). He is my inspiration and pulls me up when I am falling down. My stepson is 15 and has his own agenda so our comitment to the sport does not bother him. He loves that his dad is happy now and has found a new life with sport. He is happy that we are happy and healthy. It makes him feel proud that his dad and stepmom are doing something that many people in Greece only dream to do. And he is always a part of it. We even bring our puppy Tami with us on the weekends. She has her time to run and play on the beach before and after practice and she has her nap time in the car when we are training.

Balance is everything. Time management to keep the balance between work, goals and life. I want to be successful at everything but that is just not possible. So, I will keep focused on my goals and balance my life to make sure that I can tend to everything.

And looking back two years ago, if I actually got what I wanted I would not be where I am today. Today is where God's wants me to is my destiny. I am in Greece for a reason and this journey is just what I need.