Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New road bike and sore palms

I have accomplished quite a bit in about a week. Bought a new road bike (Trek) and got myself into clips. But, man, does but butt and hands hurt after about 30km. Is this normal??? I def. need a better fitting on my bike but I still can't get over the hurting palms when I grip the breaks...esp. downhill as I am still a bit of a scaredy cat.

The race is in about 3 weeks and I have stuck to my training but after our Greek Easter celebration and a bit of a wine binge on Sunday, I am feeling slow, tired, and have a major sugar craving. It doesn't help that I have a TON of Easter candy in the house.

Today is the run and I am working on my speed as well as endurance. I revert back to my college days of Lacrosse training and sprinting the football field but not sure if this is the best thing for tri-training. But, it can not hurt.

Also, Mom is visiting us from the States. Love having her with us but need to keep the training focus. Got her a mini-membership to our pool so she can join us in the fun. Those endless doctor's notes just to be cleared for the pool are such a hassle. Fortunately, she brought her papers from the States so we are all set.

Gotta get some photos posted. We will be training again with Tri-greece so must post after this weekends fun.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The training offically starts

This past weekend was AWESOME! We completed our two days of tri-training with Tri-greece. Both Duncan and Alex were so helpful and fun to be with. The training was on the course that Schiniathlon will use during the competition day - a beautiful setting along the coast of north west Athens and near Marathon, Athens Greece. Sat was swimming (about 750m) and I didn't expect the water to be so cold nor the distance so long. We all survived and then did the bike (20km). There was some theory in between the two sessions so we didn't do bricking. Sunday was swim (300km), bike (10km), and run (5km). We tried to do bricking but we were very slow and I was tired from the day before. I learned how hard it is to get your bike jersey over anything that is wet! This we will practice. So it looks like this time around, we will be competing in the sprint challenge. Not bad since we have less than a month to train. So excited and curious as to how I will finish.

Now, this week we are focused on our training plan. The only hitch - we can not join the pool until we have all the doctors notes. I need 3 and it is not easy to crunch in 3 doctors appointments into one week and try to make a swim for Friday. We are hoping to join the pool at least by Friday in order to get started. Excited for my morning swims and the pool is outdoors so it is a plus!

OK, I am in a non-creative state right now and my post is boring so I will end it. Hopefully I will upload some photos of our training in the next few days.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Here it goes......

OK. I did it. After months of reading other peoples blogs, I have decided to create one of my own. In the short term, this blog is going to take me through the journey of my very first triathlon and will be accompanied by my photography (another one of my passions that I need to actively pursue). See, my problem at this moment is MOTIVATION. There have been a few personal setbacks these last few months that have affected me and my motivation but IT WILL NOT GET THE BEST OF ME.

This weekend will be my first triathalon training. Sat and Sun from about 10-3pm in Schinas, outside of Athens, Greece. I will be there with all my mis-matched gear (mt. bike rather than a road bike) (diving wet suit rather than a racing suit).

So, here it goes and I hope you enjoy the ride.