Friday, January 28, 2011

2011 and Pregnant!

After a whirlwind of events these past months I am heading into 2011 with even more grace, joy, appreciation and faith.

2010 was a MY year. I knew it from the very start. I knew that I had some power over my hopes and dreams while other hopes and dreams were in the hands of God. My willpower, hard work and perseverance allowed for a very successful year both professionally and athletically. I podiumed at various local triathlon races, ran a half marathon in good time and competed in my first ever Ironman 70.3. I also had the pleasure to help with the organization/media and press of the local triathlon org. and we had some very successful articles and contacts come out of my efforts. I also loved my volunteer experience at Greece's first ever half Iron distance triathlon race. I was in the best shape I have ever been in (or at least been since my Lacrosse days at PSU) and I had the peace I needed in my life to know that God has me in his hands and that I will walk in faith and not fear.

And then, as I knew subconsciously would happen in this glorious year, I got word that I was pregnant in early October. We had been waiting for this news for over 3 years. Then about two weeks later we found out we were having TWINS! The events and coincidence leading up the the good news was like clock work. It was like our entire "personal" universe was aligned and the spirit of the baby (or babies) declared that it was finally time to come into our lives. I was very careful during my first trimester and didn't tell many people but as I now confidently write we are in full celebration mode, baby bump and all.

As I move now into 2011 it seems that this year will present its own share of challenges. We already faced some pretty heavy ones at the very start of the New Year with my immediate family back in the USA. There was tension, fear, doubt and sadness but strength in our Lord God prevailed and is carrying us through. His grace and power have already given us the answers we were looking for.

My triathlon training this year is patience and love. I am working everyday to give more than I am getting, to love these babies inside my belly, to love my family and support them, to meditate and reflect, to not worry but to trust in the Lord for my glorious path both right now and in the future. To me, the training of the mind/soul is harder than the training of the body. In 2011 my training of the body will change. I can't run or bike or swim (since carry multiples is considered a higher risk pregnancy) but I keep my focus for the journey of my mind and spirit and learn that the journey of my body does not necessary mean long endurance and strenuous training but a peaceful and accepting nurturing.

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