Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lessons learned

This past week completed week 16 of my 18 week Half Ironman program. This week is my last week before my taper. As an athlete, I think most of us always feel that we could have done more, put in more time, trained harder. But it is important to remember that we must also have fun. If it is not fun, then why are we doing this? I have skipped sessions, I have cut sessions short and not done them with the intensity required. But I have also listened to my body, had fun and lived my life.

What I learned in these past 17 or so weeks applies not only to my specific race but also to my life.
  • Anything good takes hard work, patience and perseverance.
  • It takes hours of repetition and not quitting to get it right and even then, it might not be perfect.
  • It takes a strong will and discipline to start (the practice) that you don't want to do. But walk in the motions and before you know it, you are getting it done.
  • Live in faith and not fear. Getting on that bike can be a scary thing (especially riding the Greek roads) but have faith that God will carry you through it safely.
  • It is ok if you get derailed, get down, feel overwhelmed or quit. The important thing is not to give up, wake up to a new day and give it another go.
  • Competitive spirit is good but it must be in check and not control you. Enjoy the spirit of competition but love your fellow athletes and wish them greater success.
  • Don't train alone...get out there and meet others with the same passion.
  • Train with those who are faster and better than you.
  • Always learn and try new things.
  • Don't get comfortable.
  • Be flexible.
  • Don't loose sight of what is most important in your life - your family and loyal friends.
  • Give thanks to God for your abilities, power and success. The glory belongs to Him.
I have already lived these lessons in some shape or form and have learned but I have a long road ahead. This is one of many experiences that will allow me to keep growing. The race is never over, it has only just begun.