Friday, April 9, 2010

Don't let life let you down

Trying to ride high but life is getting in the way. So much to do and so little time. We live in a world with information overload and all these are distractions to me. I feel that I just can't organize to chip away at the important things...filter out the distractions and focus my energy on the things that will actually get me somewhere.

There is too much thinking and not enough doing. But I am doing. It is not like I am sitting all day long watching TV. But then, why am I so tired at the end of the day and why do I feel that what I have done is just not enough?

With every problem there is a solution. What is mine? I will start with the simple tasks and list technique. I will start to mimic those that are accomplishing great things. I will surround myself with like minded people.

After all, it is not that bad. I do have goals. I do have a path. It might not always be the day that I expect but I am doing something. With God on my side in just a few months I will hold the title of IRON-wo-MAN. This is one great accomplishment!

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