Friday, April 30, 2010

What is...

Walking to the pool this afternoon for my lunch break swim, I was happy. Content to be just walking, one foot in front of the other. Happy to be out in the Greek sun. I was in tune with everything around me...smells, sights, sounds. I was enjoying each second for what it gave me and not thinking about the seconds ahead nor the time that has passed behind me.

I got to the pool and swam for about 45 min. Light easy pace, concentration on my form and glide and watching the shiny reflection of the water ripples dance along the bottom of the pool. There was a beautiful little bird, black with blue striped wings, that joined me in my lane and dove down playfully to splash in the water. He was reminding me to have fun and be playful...enjoy the water.

Most of the time our brains are filled with stuff and 70% of that stuff will never happen. They are just thoughts and worries of "what if". I often stress about things that I need to do and I rush with trying to do a million things, to accomplish stuff and to check this stuff off my list.

Today's walk was a reminder that this universe holds my fate. I can work to make things good. I can work hard. I can make decisions and hope they are the right ones for my future but I ultimately have no control over this powerful universal force called life. I can either go with the flow or fight it. I can either enjoy each moment that life gives me or look too far ahead (or too far behind) and miss the moment. I can dwell on the "what if's" and miss out on "what is". Today I was able to live a bit "in" the moment...what is...

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