Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vacation bound

We are in need of a great vacation this year. The last few have had some bumps in the road dating back to 2007: from accidents, to fever, to family feuds.

We leave on Friday and arrive in Baltimore. We will stay 3 days in Baltimore and then the rest of the 3 weeks will be spent in Ocean City, Md.

My husband has packed all of his prize possessions: bike, tri-gear, tools, and helmets. Let’s see if he remembers to bring underwear.

I have mixed feelings on my training for the Athens Classic Marathon in November 2009 in Athens, Greece. These past 3 weeks I had to make a very hard decision on whether I would continue with the marathon training or if I would stop in order to prepare my body to have a baby. The truth is that we have been faced with some fertility issues. This fall, we have decided to proceed and keep trying but the big question is whether it will be good for me to train and run a marathon and then proceed the following months to try to conceive. I really battled with this decision since I have pressure from my biological ticking 34year old clock. What I have decided is that a few months more will really not make all that much difference and that I know my body more than any doctor and I believe that I will only be better, both psychologically and physically, after the marathon. My body will be ready to conceive!

So the training continues and I am very happy with my decision. We are arranging all of our plans and gear to focus for 3 weeks of the aerobic phase in our training plan. Currently we are on our 5th week in our self training program (just finished the 4 week adaptation phase). These next 3 weeks will be on my home land. These are the same places that nurtured my athletic talents over 15 years ago. This is my motivation!

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