Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New road bike and sore palms

I have accomplished quite a bit in about a week. Bought a new road bike (Trek) and got myself into clips. But, man, does but butt and hands hurt after about 30km. Is this normal??? I def. need a better fitting on my bike but I still can't get over the hurting palms when I grip the breaks...esp. downhill as I am still a bit of a scaredy cat.

The race is in about 3 weeks and I have stuck to my training but after our Greek Easter celebration and a bit of a wine binge on Sunday, I am feeling slow, tired, and have a major sugar craving. It doesn't help that I have a TON of Easter candy in the house.

Today is the run and I am working on my speed as well as endurance. I revert back to my college days of Lacrosse training and sprinting the football field but not sure if this is the best thing for tri-training. But, it can not hurt.

Also, Mom is visiting us from the States. Love having her with us but need to keep the training focus. Got her a mini-membership to our pool so she can join us in the fun. Those endless doctor's notes just to be cleared for the pool are such a hassle. Fortunately, she brought her papers from the States so we are all set.

Gotta get some photos posted. We will be training again with Tri-greece so must post after this weekends fun.

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