Monday, March 1, 2010

a little bit of this...a little bit of that...

I have either the blessing or curse to have two homes. One in Greece and one in the USA. This makes life more complex than one would think. For the last 5 or so years, I have been pulled between the two and this has caused a great unrest for my soul. Just when I start to settle, I change again. This time three weeks ago (and just when things were riding high) I had to leave Greece due the death of my aunt.

I have a small family. It was just the four of us growing up: Dad, Mom, Michael, and me. My father passed away in 2001, an event that would be one of the most difficult to deal with even as I write this over 8 years later. I am still dealing with it especially during those times that I look for his advice and his blessings. So when my aunt passed away three weeks ago, I had to be there not only to help with the arrangements (we are her only family) but for emotional support. This was my fathers sister and the last direct living relative that we had. She was also my Godmother.

Even though it is hard, I always look at death as a celebration of life! Death is only hard for us remaining here on earth. This hit me when we had to organize and donate my aunts last possessions. We are on this planet for a short time and all the worldly possessions will not go with us therefore life is how we live and not what we have. It is just our soul that leaves this world. So, it is our soul that we must perfect (and no amount of money or worldly possessions will help with this journey).

So, as I try to get back on track and keep my focus on work, triathlon, and family, I am even more driven. My goals are aligned to what will best serve my soul. I am ready to push my mind, body and spirit farther than I thought possible. Training: bring it on! Life: bring it on! I am ready for the test of life because with out being tested, we can not realize how great we really are.

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